One comment on “4 Stars! High octane thriller, 11 May 2013

  1. After writing Chequered Justice and being told that I could only publish as fiction, I insisted on adding the authors note to the opening of the book. That note reads:

    “From December 1988 to March 1997 a series of strange events overtook our lives, bizarre happenings that would later be dismissed officially as a string of coincidences, flukes and regrettable errors. These errors were destined to dramatically derail my life and that of my family, changing our perception of the justice system forever. For reasons that may become apparent (despite living in a country with supposed free speech), I am not permitted to publish my full and factual account of the proceedings, but I am allowed to write a novel or a fiction based on them… what follows therefore, is a novel based purely on personal experience.”

    I’d been warned to watch what I said… If I said the wrong thing, I would find myself behind bars! I concluded that we do not live in a country with freedom of speech, but a country with the illusion of freedom of speech. I therefore decided it might be interesting to publish a book with the illusion of fiction. If anyone fails to get the message, I can only quote the late Elvis Presley…

    “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.”

    You may also find my blog account of interest!

    John Bartlett

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