The Authors Real Life Case

Exorcising the demons of the past…

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Published October 2016: After 22 years of having to hide behind my “fictional” account of events, whilst also suffering chronic posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I have, after many many months of counselling and treatment decided to publish this page. My hope is, by finally publishing the facts behind my case and making public the reality of what can happen within our justice system, it will help raise awareness and understanding by shining a light on the many ways individuals and groups within the police, CPS, and courts misuse and abuse power and control.  Converging misinformation with fact, creates the predestined and inevitable outcome… an unjust guilty verdict, a verdict based on a set of lies agreed upon. 

Politicians and policy makers are clearly aware of those abusing the system, but are often too scared to expose those involved.  By publishing what happened to me, I hope it may cause the powerful individuals involved, to reflect on what they have done and  stop subjecting others to such ordeals.  

It’s also my hope that the establishment will surely finally stop pretending that what happened, didn’t happen. If they don’t, our Home Secretary will be guilty simply by association!

John Bartlett (Prisoner FJ3866)

This page is regularly updated as documents are sourced.  We are currently making Freedom of Information Requests to obtain all Home Office, CPS and Crown withheld documentation relating to the trial of John Bartlett in 1994, and in particular, the CROWN blocking and refusing to allow an appeal to be heard. As files and documentation are obtained, they will be displayed/updated publicly on this page. 

A guilty verdict can only be challenged/appealed if new evidence comes to light.

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So far, everyfoi application for official Home Office documentation and each Freedom of Information Request have elicited the same answer: “Sorry, all documentation has been destroyed”

If you have ANY information or knowledge of this case, PLEASE contact us! All information will be treated with the strictest confidence.  Please eMail any information and all questions to: john@ChequeredJustice.Com

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N.B. THREE are Crown Witnesses, called by the Prosecution!
  • JOHN STEWART M.A.,F.R.C.S (Orthopaedic Surgeon) – DEFENCE WITNESS: “I was not asked or allowed sufficient time to explain to the court the two separate conditions which affected Mr Bartlett… and how such conditions had and were likely to continue to affect Mr Bartlett.” (Full letter is on file)
  • CROWN WITNESS (name on file): “In the waiting room, the police were talking to witnesses. They said you [John Bartlett] were a nasty bit of work and people such as you should be locked up… just before I was due to give evidence, the police phoned me but what they were saying was simply untrue… the police said you belonged behind bars but not to mention this phone call to anyone.” (Full letter is on file)
  • Mr PAUL CARNELL – CROWN WITNESS: “All the police officers involved did seem to feel that they had to win their case, because you had to be proved to be guilty. The private detective [Mr D.B. Else, Close Observation Personnel] speaking to the police in the waiting room at court also put across the image that you were an out and out scoundrel.” (Full letter is on file)
  • WILLIAM J LANGRIDGE – CROWN WITNESS: Letter below Ref. WPC Harris & DS Holder: 

“…On Scan0044_pixelisedScan0045_pixelisedthe day I went to court the police officers in the waiting room said that you were a nasty piece of work and people such as yourself should be locked up.  I personally did not get involved in the conversation and spoke the truth in court when I called to give evidence.  You have been honest and fair in all your dealings with me…”

  • Mr T BENNETT – MAGISTRATE & CROWN WITNESS: “I remember being astonished at the attitude of the investigating officers [DC Terry Stroud & DC Garry Staunton] … I felt that it was a lot less objective an attitude than should be expected from somebody investigating possible crime and did wonder at the effect on other people interviewed of this approach! Despite spending several years as a magistrate and therefore not being totally unfamiliar with our justice system, I cannot believe that police officers investigating possible crime should be interviewing in such a manner… There is no doubt in my mind that this conditioning is prejudicial to any statement received and is totally unfair to the subject of their enquiries…” (Full letter is on file)

CURIOUS FACT FILE – The Authors Real Life Case…
Charges against John Bartlett: Alleged insurance fraud against his redundancy, injury  and PPI policies with GENERAL ACCIDENT (Abbey National Mortgage Protection Policy), CIGNA (Accident/Injury Policy), CONSOLIDATED MARINE & GENERAL (PPI Policy on family car)  Also charged with Obtaining by Deception (*Prize Indemnity Policy) from Tyser Special Risks Ltd 

Indy Cars

John Bartlett (left), Tyser’s Justin Everett (centre), Robin Donovan (right) NEW STAR UNION TEAM (after winning the *Prize Indemnity)

Lloyds of London pay out $250,000 for Zolder *Prize Indemnity Race 

Photo of John Bartlett in UNOFFICIAL PRACTICE – Robin Donovan WINS Prize Indemnity Race driving Gunner Porsche 966

Porsche 966


  • Charge No: 93 
  • Police Station/Branch: Richmond CID
  • Team of Police Officers directly involved in the morning raid on John Bartlett’s home & the investigation:
    • DC Terry Stroud
    • DC Garry Staunton (DC 174592)
    • DS Colin Holder
    • TI Nicholas Turner (Trainee Investigator)
    • P.C. Robert Brandon
    • WPC Harris
    • PC Abbott
    • PC Kevin Abbott
  • Search Warrant: W11/29/94
  • Search Warrant Executed on John Bartlett’s home, Priory Manor, Torrington, Arundel West Sussex BN18 0BG: 8th February 1993
  • Private Detective Instructed by Consolidated Marine & General (liquidated): Mr D.B. Else, Close Observation Personnel (liquidated), had accidentally been watching/photographing the wrong person… i.e. not John Bartlett! 
  • On 2nd February 1993 DC Terry Stroud drafts a statement himself on behalf of a key CIGNA witness, Mr G.E. Good (Witness “A”): After getting Mr Good to sign it, DC Terry Stroud sends a copy of Mr Good’s statement, to General Accident (GA) on 25th February 1993 and asks GA’s Mrs S.M Bramley (Witness “B”) to copy and sign  it, as if it were written by her (click image below to see a full size). Trial Judge MacRae allows DC Terry Stroud and DC Garry Staunton to stand at the back of the court (before  giving evidence themselves) as Mr Good and Mrs S.M Bramley “reenact” the events written for them by the 2 officers.



Case Number: T931456 – 26th September 1994 to 18th November 1994 (53 Days)


His Honour Judge MacRae

  • Prosecution Counsel for The Crown:  Anthony Leonard QC and Timothy Cray
  • Defence Counsel: Jonathan Davies (first major case and first ever fraud trial) and Matthew Pascall (junior)
  • Court Stenographer: D.J. Sellers – Caroline Ridley-Duff
  • Dyslexia Expert (Called by the Defence): Dr H.T. Chasty M.Sc, Ph.D. C. Psychol., A.F.B.Ps.S., F.R.S.A,
  • Date of Guilty Verdict: Friday 18th November 1994.NOTE: After deliberating for 2 full days Judge MacRae advised the Jury (on the Friday afternoon), that if they didn’t return verdicts very soon, they would be sequestered over the weekend in a hotel.  Shortly after this, at 2.18p.m they returned guilty verdicts! 
  • N.B. John Bartlett collapses in dock (at approx. 2.30p.m.).  Sent to Graylingwell Hospital
  • N.B. Eleven weeks later, His Honour Judge MacRae demands John Bartlett is returned  to Court, from Graylingwell Hospital, accompanied by a nurse, to be sentenced on 3rd February 1995 (the anniversary of the death of John Bartlett’s father).  John Bartlett is told that the Crown, acting like modern-day grave robbers, will be confiscating the proceeds of his fathers will, using the Proceeds of Crime Act (under s.71 CJA 1988).  Sum to be confiscated: £91,000.00, or in default, to serve an extra 2 years imprisonment
  • N.B. His Honour Judge MacRae is handed an important official letter from Dr Matthews, head of psychology at Graylingwell Hospital. The letter, dated 30th January 1995, advises the Judge that John Bartlett has  NOT been discharged from Graylingwell Hospital and must be returned to hospital for ongoing treatment, NOT sent to prison at that time. 
  • N.B. His Honour Judge MacRae despatches John Bartlett to HMP Wandsworth immediately and disregards the letter in full.
  • N.B. HMP WANDSWORTH – DOCTORS CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL RECORD: “…convicted today/not officially discharged from Graylingwell… To be put in Dorm and checked regularly… He should be on 15 minute watch. Very likely he will do it [suicide]” 
  • On 14th March 1995 John Bartlett is moved to HMP Ford
  • Mr Justice Hollis blocks leave to appeal due to being “out of time” as John Bartlett was in Graylingwell Hospital.  Any appeal should have been submitted within 28 days!

Justice Hollis

N.B. John Bartlett had been in Graylingwell Hospital during the 6 weeks following the trial, but Mr Justice Hollis could still not understand why the appeal paperwork wasn’t submit within the required 28 days. 

N.B. Different case. same Justice Hollis: “[Judge Holliis] either didn’t understand the sequencing or wasn’t prepared to grapple with its implications” Lady Justice Smith

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  • 14th March 1997: Court of Appeal makes final ruling:  John Bartlett is refused all leave to appeal, on the grounds he was ‘out of time’ as pointed out by Mr Justice Hollis The appeal should have been submitted within 28 days of the conviction…
    • N.B. The Criminal Appeals Office admitted losing TWO earlier sets of Appeal Applications from John Bartlett, but says…   any appeal has to be submitted on time and any delays caused by The Criminal Appeals Office losing the paperwork is irrelevant! 
N.B. The Court of Appeal also wouldn't take into account the months and months of delay caused by HM Prison  Service... despite a judgement in John Bartlett's favour by The Prison Ombudsman (see letter below). The appeal should simply have been submitted on time!
N.B. The Court of Appeal also could NOT consider the following documentation, handed to it PRIOR to the hearing... John Bartlett's appeal simply had to have been submitted within 28 days of the conviction...
 Submitted to Court of Appeal on 14th March 1997
  • LETTER FROM PRISON OFFICER, D.J. LAWRENCE (HMP FORD PRISON): "...a number of items of correspondence from the Appeal Court were delayed... we simply do not possess the staff to guarantee the daily manning of our Legal Aid post... To prepare for his Appeal, he [John Bartlett] applied to have his Personal Computer... it took about three months [90 days].... shortly after, on Home Office instructions, the facility was withdrawn. These were some of the difficulties that John Bartlett has had to cope with. In the main, they were caused by changes in the Prison System..." (Full report is on file)
    2nd October 1998: Any thoughts of future security shattered, crippled with anxiety, stress and yet to be diagnosed PTSD, the family, with two young sons and their Golden Retriever,  leave England. Driving more than 6,000 miles overland in a 10 year old Jeep to Madagascar for the secure isolation of the Madagascan rainforests.

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I will answer all questions as honestly as I can. NOTE: This page relates to the Authors actual case in 1994… I am obliged to reiterate that Chequered Justice (first published November 2010) is a novel based on a true story. Thank you all who have given great reviews and nice comments – much appreciated!