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  1. I have just spent 6 years battling a corrupt Government organisation that I can prove provided facilities to one of the biggest ever drug cartels in the UK, worth £100 million in 6 months (although it had been operating for more than 3 years). I have lost everything and have been surprised at the establishment’s lack of interest and willingness to instigate a “cover up”. Your story does not surprise me – this Country is far more corrupt than many 3rd World Countries that are famous for corruption. It starts at the top with those in power………. But why don’t people do something about it? Like you, the fight goes on…….

    Maybe a co-ordinated approach should now be arranged?

    • Hi Tim,

      Great to hear from you after all this time …really sorry to hear of the troubles…

      I think it’s very difficult for anyone without firsthand experience to appreciate the hypocrisy that goes on in the name of justice or is covered up by those in power. To be fair, few have time to reflect on the sad reality, a reality which is very scary, as it undermines our core beliefs. For me, when I was plunged headlong into the events that overtook our lives, I had little choice but to confront them and have spent years attempting to expose our politically entrenched, self-serving system.

      A turning point for me which may be worth considering if thinking to ‘corner’ the system, is the following: when an acquaintance of mine uncovered damning evidence inextricably linking prominent individuals in my case to a London Masonic lodge (high level individuals from both the justice and financial system!) within weeks, he was suddenly found dead. Supposedly the happily married father of four had committed suicide! I felt we had few alternatives at that point… disappear as far away as possible (the other side of the planet seemed a good idea) or stay and potentially find myself joining the occasional prominent banker beneath Blackfriars Bridge. We decided in favour of the first option and moved to the rainforests of Madagascar (I will be posting a little of that journey over the next few weeks.)

      I was still desperate to tell my story in the mistaken belief that someone in authority would take note and our boys were also desperate… for a McDonalds! So we returned. A few years later I published my story, Chequered Justice.

      Anyway, after 20 years of fighting, I have decided for my family’s sake as well as my own health, that I have to move on and try to put the past behind me, but if you are ever around (not sure exactly where you are?) it would be great to meet up for a chat and a spot of reminiscing of the good old days before our eyes were violently prised open.

      Kindest regards to you and your family.


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  3. John

    I think that what has happened to you is…well, there are no words that can describe other than criminal.

    It probably goes some way to the reason why we, as a group, had so much trouble getting in and out of Israel. Ha ha.

    I don’t understand why you don’t just have someone else write your story by way of an investigative report. These people need naming and shaming. Is that not possible?

    All the best.


    • In 1998 a TV programme called Rough Justice made a 20 minute episode on my case to be broadcast by Channel 4. Rough Justice were required to give the insurance companies involved “right of reply”… their response was that they’d sue Channel 4 if the episode was broadcasted! It therefore never went out. Over the years I have been warned (threatened) that if I “continue to ride my little hobby horse” as it was put, I will come a cropper! As we entered the internet age, I was warned “you could be subject to arrest ..things could be discovered on your computer!” The public are however becoming increasingly aware of what has been going on over the years, so I live in hope and will not be silenced!

      What happened to me and my family, happened over 20 years ago and is therefore considered old news, but I live in hope that my story may one day get made into a TV film and so reach a wider audience (there is serious talk going on about this with a studio). It is also about to come out as an audio book, read by Leslie Phillips CBE… have a listen to a sample:


      Interestingly, in January this year, Guy’s Hospital diagnosed me having been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the past 20 plus years (a result of the raid & trial etc)! If you read Chequered Justice you will recall I had not been discharged from hospital, when the judge sent me to Wandsworth, against medical advise!

      So now, the very system that convicted me will now be funding a psychiatrist to treat me for the disorder that they, “the system” gave me!

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