Who am I?

Hi, my name is John Bartlett.  I was born in Sussex in 1955 and I’m probably best known as a former racing driver and team owner from the 1980s.

I have a diagnosed condition of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I also have a number of other clinically diagnosed learning disabilities, including profound dyslexia and ADHD, which means I’m constantly bombarded with thoughts and ideas.

Autism is a life long development disorder, typically diagnosed in early childhood, but in my case, my condition (High Functioning Autism – HFA) was not clinically diagnosed until July 2017, at the age of 62.  In 2010 my first novel, Chequered Justice, was published, a legal thriller based on my own true story.  Dark Horse is my latest book, a prequel to Chequered Justice.

Brief Bio in Pictures… 

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5 comments on “Who am I?

  1. Dear John
    I came across you site when looking at the Wrongly Accused site. I am really sorry to hear about your case. It is really awful. Unfortunately after being introduced to the criminal justice system 4 years ago. I now know that truth is just not important in the justice system.

    My Son was wrongly convicted by a District Judge. Not a Jury. He scuppered my Son’s appeal by reconstructing how he convicted at trial. It was pointed out to him in my son’s representations,that he had actually convicted on evidence that did not form part of the Prosecutions case . Hence his reconstructed final case . This reconstruction could not be pointed out to the upper Court. He also got a prosecution witness mixed up as a defence witness. He went into detail on this. But then explained his mistake as a dictation error. He had the nerve to write to a public body and state that I mislead my Son. How on earth can he make staements like that and get away with it? But I have been told he can because, he can say anything about anyone who was connected to the case. But I had nothing to do with the case!!

    If Ministers mislead parliament, they would have to apologise or resign, but I was told that a District Judge can mislead the upper court. I am not sure if this is correct , but that is what I was told.

    The conviction was failing to stop at an accident. My had left his car at his friends house before going into town. The case was that he got a taxi to his car, collected his car from the car park and drove home. On route an intoxicated pedsetrian was injured by his car. By walking out from in front of a taxi following friends onto a Dual carraigeway

    He was supposed to have been able to do this in 14 mins. The police did do a reconstruction of the journey it took 20 minutes., but one police officer stated it wasn’t impossible to do it in 14 Mins even though he had never driven the route . I have done the journey myself and would say that 20 mins was generous. My Son was naive and spoke to the police without a solicitor present.

    My son was seen on camera 4 miles away trying to hail a taxi just 14 mins before the accident. Wearing a brown cardigan. Different in style and colour as to the contaminated Grey Woollen jumper, supposedly taken from his shared apartment by the police when no one was present. The jumper was presented on the 2nd day of trial after protest from the Defence.The District Judge allowed the trial to start without any exhibits being present. It was not my Son’s jmuper. He had never seen this before. According to the police. He was actually wearing a different item of clothing- just minutes before the accident !! But this didn’t matter to the District Judge.

    The injured party pursed a civil claim against my Son 7 months before trial. The police named him as the driver to her injury lawyers for you solicitors. Before he went to Magistrates Court to answer the charge. I thought you were innocent until proven guilty apparantly not, according to the police. They just have to charge you.

    I did have some sympathy for the injured person.She did suffer injuries even though my Son did not drive the car. If it was his car involved. That was before I saw the details of the claim. A claim so exagerated (bottles of evian water each day!). I now have evidence that part of the claim was false, but again nothing we can do about it. Because of the conviction. Truth is definately no longer important.

    I am in the process reading and enjoying your book. Sadly. I am not surprised as to what happened to Will Middleton..This goes on day in and day out in our Justice System. It is just a game to all involved except the Defendant. I will never understand why anyone would want to see an innocent person go to prison just for the sake of a conviction.

    Sorry to go on, but I get so angry that the system allows innocent peoples lives to be ruined.

    I wish you well and continued success with you books.

    • Hi M

      What can I say? …as a person who has experienced the corrupt reality of our justice system, I totally appreciate your frustration, but as a father of two boys myself, I can only begin to understand the torment you must be going through.

      I also experienced a judge who “accidently” muddled up evidence of prosecution and defence witnesses! I’m obviously unable to comment on the specifics of your case, but both Mary (Beth in my books) and I wish you well and hope that over time, at least a little of the pain eases with the love of your family around you.

      It’s a sad fact that the general public cannot fully understand the reality of what happens in this country in the name of justice, as they have no personal insight, and if by chance they obtain that painful knowledge, the chances are that they’re tarnished with a conviction. Therefore, few will believe them!

      Albert Einstein said, “Experience is the only true source of knowledge”. However, as we both clearly know, obtaining that knowledge is very painful! I really hope your sons experiences don’t make him too bitter and unable to move on and enjoy the future (although bitterness is totally understandable…I’m still struggling even though ‘Beth’ tells me that they are the only ones that win if one remains bitter).

      I’m glad you are enjoying my book, Chequered Justice.



  2. A lawyer I employed with disastrous results for me some ten years in the future when he betrayed me by swapping sides to where the money was, once told me ‘don’t go to the law for justice go for the law, ‘ which I discovered included him committing wilful perjury, and there being no correlation between the two.

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