Dark Horse


inspired by truth


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Publication Date: November 30, 2012

ISBN: 9780956910424

Told with passion, humour and energy, Dark Horse by John Bartlett is the prequel to the Number 1 eBook bestseller Chequered Justice – a fiction based purely on personal experience!


In the spring of 1962 two life changing events occur in young Will Middleton’s life… At seven years of age, he excitedly joins his first school and also has a chance encounter with childhood hero, World Champion racing driver Graham Hill. In that instant, Will’s path in life is set… At school he enters the highly disciplined world of Maurice Wickham; a former RAF drill sergeant turned head master, a man with a passion for boxing who rules the boys with a fist of iron. Will is a strong minded, determined child, profoundly dyslexic at a time when learning difficulties hadn’t yet been recognised. Instantly on a collision course with authority, written off by all but his family, Will is destined for a tough and painful journey through school life and on into adulthood as he fights to follow his dream. Join him on the fascinating roller coaster ride through the savage boarding school years of the sixties, through the twists and turns of adolescence and into manhood, where he learns to live by his wits, battling the odds to achieve his ultimate goal…

3 comments on “Dark Horse

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  3. Dark Horse: I had to read it.
    I enjoyed Dark Horse just as much as Chequered Justice. To follow CJ with the story of Will’s earlier life, was the right move John. Reading Chequered Justice left me eager to know about your past: your parents, how this crazy guy, started life, the beginning of his great love story: how he wooed Beth, how he battled with dyslexia – which, on reflection, seemed more of an asset than an encumbrance! I was interested to learn that dyslexia affects short term memory. Perhaps this is how you were able to put set backs so quickly behind you. Nothing fazed you!
    Dark Horse gave me huge pleasure. I still smile when I recall some of the scenes: the alien spacecraft scaring most of Arundel, the ‘explosives’ manufacturing business, pregnant Beth laying into the paving-slab-wielding lout, the hair-raising journey, against time, across the Andalucian mountains to collect the gearbox input shaft for the Spanish race trials.
    Then came your great sadness at the death of your best friend Des, not just his dying but the way he died. What a helluva time you had.
    I have recommended both books highly.

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