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Chequered Justice

Endurance, the most brutal test for any racing driver.  In Will’s condition, he shouldn’t have attempted it, but he did.  Now he must pay…

Based on a True Story...

Will Middleton, a professional sportsman with a pathological childhood rejection of authority, thrust into an alien world of scheming and conspiracy, finds himself at the centre of a surreal, Kafkaesque-like trial.  When the impartiality of those in power is lost, and those forces are used avariciously instead to cheat and lie… when fiction becomes real… when the System crosses boundaries that should never be crossed…

…The line between corruption, fantasy and reality intersects… it’s a hell of a line to cross!

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 15.02.01

“Two fantastic books and a most remarkable story!  There is no question this would make an incredible movie.  It’s been a great privilege to discover material by an almost unknown author, and to voice the recording of the Chequered Justice audio book … and to see where it’s now heading…” Leslie Phillips CBE

Chequered Justice

CLICK the above Image for sample MOVIE SCREENPLAY pdf

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